The Egg Recall

Wow, if you haven’t heard the news, there is a major recall on eggs in Iowa.  The company responsible for the eggs recalled almost a half billion eggs.  That is a lot of eggs.  Now, if you know much about those chicken farms, they jam 3 or 4 chickens in a small box and all they do all day long is produce produce produce.  I know we are blessed to be able to have so much access to food at such a reasonable price.  I am sure that the cost of $.99 per dozen for eggs is a great benefit.  Until, we read about 1000 people being affected by Samonela (for more on the story  I know we can’t help those 1000 plus people who are being affected, but we could help the people in the future.  What if we focused on just a couple of changes.

  1. grew local
  2. bought local

If we as a city aimed our sights at looking for ways to bless the local farmers, then in return they are going to grow more.  This would help us to have a little bit more connection to our local farmers and look for ways to bring a lost ingredient to our foods that we have grown to overlook…accountability.  If you look at the story, you will see this farmer has had a history of issues, and it may be caught up to him.  But he may be able to scathe by like previous time, by paying a couple of million dollars to cover the fines.  In the mean time, people will still be affected, whether, it was employees, customers, distributors, animal feeders.

So, the next time, you go to buy eggs, you may wonder briefly, hum, where did these come from.

Well, in the mean time, see you around town, and unfortunately, even may be in the line of a grocery store.

Please feel free to share your thoughts


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