How Thrive works: We bulk-buy our produce, groceries and dairy goods from organic farmers’ cooperatives, distributors and individual farmers. We try to give our local farmers, growers, and/or producers as much of our business as possible. All of our supplies are either certified organic by the appropriate authorities or “promised” organic by the growers themselves.  Here at the distribution hub, we put together your order to make the work easier on everyone when it comes to purchasing, picking up, and preparing foods for you and your family.

Our standard variety box options: Our Variety Boxes contain a variety of 8 to 10 different vegetables and 4 to 5 different fruits each pick-up week depending on seasonal availability. We have several different box sizes and variations (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Fruit Box), one of which we’re sure will suit your household’s size and lifestyle.

  • Small Variety Box(1-2 persons): This is enough fruits and vegetables for one or two persons and is great for those who want to taste the difference of what we call “organic goodness”. cost: $28
  • Medium Variety Box (2-3 persons):  This is a good amount of food for couples, roommates, or a small family. cost: $50
  • Large Variety Box (4-5 persons):  This box is a great idea for those families who are shifting from the eating out to cooking in.  If you want to enjoy an abundance of good stuff, try this box. cost: $75
  • Extra Large Variety Box(5-6 persons): Well ok, it is alright to say “super size me” with this order.  This box is great for those of you who have a small army in your house or you want to share with your neighbors and friends. cost: $98

Our add-on options: We offer a variety of other items to add to your variety box order.

Why a membership? Being apart of a buying club is like being apart of a community that is a committed group of people connected to core values. Membership is completely voluntary and at any time you may discontinue your membership with us. If you do join, this is what we will aim to offer you:

  1. Competitve Benefits: We want to look for ways to save you and your family money. In this economic season, budgeting is vital and so we hope to save you time and money. Also, know that with bulk purchasing, the cost of our goods come down.  We get to pass this savings on to you, so feel free to share with your friends and family about partnering with Thrive Foods Buying Club.
  2. Cultural Benefits: We want to see people educated about their foods and how it impacts their bodies.  We hope that you will come to see the benefits of organic foods and how pesticides and other chemicals that are added to so many conventional foods can be potentially dangerous.
  3. Cooperation among Cooperatives: We will be a resource for gardeners and farmers within Oklahoma City and our region to grow, grow, grow.  As they grow food, we will buy their food and begin to help them build their gardens and farms. We also purchase food from outside of our region to offer the variety of fruits and vegetables that we have grown accustomed to and that we consider a blessing.
  4. Champion for Community: We are a community building community for community.  We aim to build relationship with people and we see food as a powerful tool.  Our goal is to see a healthier Oklahoma in the process.
  5. Creativity within our Community: We do not just want Thrive to simply be a place to get food, but a place for you to engage in our city with your gifts and talents so that we all can grow together.  We believe you have great ideas and we want to create a platform for those ideas, dreams, and visions to come alive.

Location/Map: Thrive Foods currently has one location within the metro.

  •  Our address is 517 N.W. 17th St., Oklahoma City, OK. 73103

Food Pick Up Day and Time: Your food will be ready every other Monday at about 7pm.  Check the Facebook page often for continual updates.

  • Pick up is between 7-8pm
  • You can always check this web site for upcoming dates and/changes.

Food Ordering: If you would like to make changes to your order, no problem. You can do so here up to a week before the next delivery day.

Cancellation of Membership: There are two ways that membership can be canceled.

  • 1) You can submit your desire to cancel your membership in a written form by filling out this cancellation form.  If you cancel within 30 days of joining, we will be glad to return your membership dues, unless you would like it to become a scholarship for a family with a tight budget/income.
  • 2) We reserve the right to cancel any person or party’s membership for any reason.

Here’s how to Thrive: To begin to Thrive with us, we have listed an easy step by step process as follows:

  • Step 1: Sign up by clicking the “membership” link on the site
  • Step 2: Fill out your information
  • Step 3: After getting confirmation from us that we have accepted your application you will be able to proceed to the next step
  • Step 4: Fill out the “order form” to add items in addition to the standard size box that you will receive each pick up date. You do not need the order form if you are not ordering additional items.  Your standard box order remains the same each ordering process unless you desire to change it.  If you do want to change the box size, you may do so 1 week in advance.
  • Step 5: Print out receipt for easy pick up which will be emailed to you.
  • Step 6: We divide and you pick up.  Arrive anytime between 7-8pm every other Monday with your next order payment and you are good to go. (We have already included shipping and handling costs into the price of each box for our members. There are several ways to pay for your food; either pay online or by check payable to Thrive Foods.  You may also bring cash to each pick up date if you prefer it that way. Please note that you are paying in advance for your food order.)
  • Step 7: Enjoy amazingly nutrient-rich, pesticide-free food!

Is there a way to help in the buying club? Yes, there are several ways you can help us out.  The simplest way you can help is by sharing about Thrive with your neighbors and friends.  Other ways you can help are by assisting us in dividing the food or breaking down boxes. From there, the ways to help are endless. Some of our current efforts are going to local farmers, developing relationships, and picking up locally grown food.  Feel free to email us if you have any questions, thoughts, or insights.

Is Monday the only day for pick up? Yes, and no.  Currently, the only day to pick up your food is Monday at the appropriate times.  We are hoping to add future days and services to help broaden the window of opportunity for you to pick up your food.

What should I do if I go on vacation? The easiest solution is to either find someone you know to purchase and pick up the food for you or to offer to share your food with them and let them enjoy the benefits of organic food while you are away enjoying your vacation. This is a great way for them to be introduced to Thrive Foods and how simple getting quality food can be.

What if I want to start a Thrive in my neighborhood? Awesome!  If you are reading about this and are getting excited about how you might impact your neighborhood with quality food and community, feel free to email or stop by!   Together, lets explore the possibilities because this is our vision too.

Do you offer delivery? Yes, we do offer delivery, but only for those who live in the downtown region in the business district.  We do plan to expand, but our focus in the immediate is downtown.  We recognize that downtown’s access to high quality foods is limited.  We want to service that well and eventually, we plan to get to your area.

If I live downtown, how much is delivery? The delivery will be $7.  You are always welcome to pick up your food on Monday if you are in the area.

When is food delivered for those who live downtown? The delivery days are either Monday evenings or anytime on Tuesday.  We will just leave the groceries at your front door if you are not home. If you live in a downtown loft or apartment, please check with management for rules and regulations on deliveries.

What if you are a grower? If you are a local grower of fruits, vegetables, grains, or even live stock, we would love to connect with you. It is our heart to connect local growers to local neighbors. Feel free to email us how you might be apart of providing local high quality foods to our city.